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by FrugalissaFinds on January 24, 2013

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KnoxBuzz is an Android app that gives Knoxville local businesses a way to notify and offer its customers great deals and discounts instantly. Through KnoxBuzz, a local businesses will be able to reach customers who are interested in their products or services at an affordable low COST.

How KnoxBuzz Works

Users who are interested with great deals and offers will download the app. After installing the app, users can selects and subscribe to products or services they are interested in.

Once a product or service has subscribers, small business owner who are interested can contact KnoxBuzz team with his or her deal, promotion, or coupon code that needs to be sent out. Users will receive ad content as instant notification.

For example, if a user is interested in buying a new or used car, he or she will have to subscribe to that channel to receive new or used car deals or promo material from car dealers or anyone who is selling cars. Make sense, right?

The same apply to other products, services or businesses that users might be interested in. The concept is very simple and straight forward. Consumers need to have a say on what and when they want.

Why KnoxBuzz

Everybody hates long term contracts. I bet you do too! You do not need a contract to use this app. Whether you are a user or small business owner, you make the call.

I believe this is the best approach for consumers and small businesses. Consumers will be able to get what they need, when need it. Small businesses will be able to provide deals on products and services to the local consumers.

Users don’t need to chase deals from one website to another, or have to download apps from different stores or services providers.

The other great thing about this app is, users will be supporting local business. This is a great way to grow our local economy in greater Knoxville area. For small business, it will be more affordable to reach more people without having a huge spending budget for advertisement.

Last but not least, any public announcement will be FREE but it should come from a verified public official. The same applies to non profit organization and religious group that would like to use the free service

Ad Content and Cost

The maximum ad content is 115 characters and should be received at least two hours before pushing out. Advertising cost will be affordable to every small business. Payments can be made in cash or through PayPal. The introductory fee for push service is as described below. These fees are for any channel:

1 – 500 subscribers, $4.99 per 1 ad
1 – 1000 subscribers, $9.99 per 1 ad
1 – 1500 subscribers, $14.99 per 1 ad

1 – 2000 subscribers, $19.99 per 1 ad

This is a great opportunity for local small businesses and independent contractors in Knoxville to reach their core customers and new ones as well. If you would like more information send an email to zaidi@zaidisoft. com and will get back to you within 24hrs. Don’t miss out this opportunity.

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